About Us

The Waxing Pot and Skin Studio, formally known as The Waxing Pot and Spa, had humble beginnings. Christina Chevalier the owner, and lead Esthetician decided to become an Esthetician after working as a professional makeup artist for multiple years prior. She always had large pores, hard to control oily skin, and was tired of getting razor burn from shaving, and stubble the next day. Wanting to figure out a way to control these skin issues without prescription skin medications, Christina earned her Managing Esthetician License in June 2006. Once entering the professional field of skin care, She worked at day spas, medical spas, and salons.

Waxing Pot and Skin Studio
The Waxing Pot and Spa

After 5 years of Owning, operating, and treating spa guests at The Waxing Pot and Spa, it was time for a big decision to be made. Christina was not completely satisfied with the business, After much consideration and discussion with spa consultants, family, and others, she decided to move locations from the 1.00 sq. ft. building to a smaller 400 sq. ft. studio. The new location would only have one treatment room, which will reduce the hustle and bustle, and give more privacy to guest. We will also be offering many new and exciting options at the new location to enhance your spa visits; these will include treatment series, waxing bundles, and loyalty points.

We would like to thank you for entrusting us with two of your most valued possessions...the health of your body and skin! We offer you experienced team of Licensed Estheticians and Licensed Massage Therapists, who are committed to providing quality spa treatments that focus on your personal needs and desired outcomes. We look forward to partnering with you, as we assist you in your health, and beauty journey.